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More Than Just Opera

When people ask about what we do, their response is often ‘Sounds interesting but opera’s not really my thing’. Then we tell them they can see opera in an underground tunnel shaft, amongst old steam machines, in a barn with glass of cider in hand, and they are more willing to give it a go. Once there, their perception begins to shift as the opera unfolds...

There’s an outdated stereotype of opera being overblown, unreachable, incomprehensible, a sense that opera is only for certain people, of certain means. In fact, at its core opera lays bare and skewers those emotions we all feel and can relate to: anger, jealousy, love, joy, grief, passion, doubt. It is an art form simultaneously incredibly refined and completely raw. A performer masters techniques that allow them to penetrate to the very essence of feeling and to express this through sound.

Pop-Up Opera creates productions with a focus on the interaction between the characters and the physicality of the piece; we don’t need a fancy set or period costumes to make opera enjoyable or relevant. The interplay between the music, the drama, and our unique style of captioning, allows the audience to connect with it and enjoy it.

We’ll be in a dilapidated chapel one day and a castle the next, making every performance unique. Our audiences range from aged 5 - 95 and everything in between, including opera newbies and opera lovers, and this diversity is what we exist for.

We are changing people’s minds about opera and bringing it to the next generation. It’s so exciting when that person who said opera wasn’t their thing leaves our show beaming from ear to ear and saying maybe opera is their thing after all.

Pop-Up Opera's critically acclaimed productions have included:

In 2016 the company collaborated with the prestigious Kilden concert house in Norway on a production of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro with full orchestra in their 600 seat opera house.

Pop-Up Opera have also performed live on BBC Radio 3, been featured on the BBC News, appeared on BBC Radio 4 and on the London Live channel.

Pop-Up Opera was founded by Clementine Lovell in 2011 and is run by co-directors Clementine Lovell and Fiona Farmer. We now tour to 60-70 different venues, with 80 performances over 3 touring seasons each year. We are reliant on self generated income rather than external funding. If you are interested in supporting our company in any way please visit our Support Us page, or contact Clementine or Fiona.


Interviews with Clementine and Fiona