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Cast & Crew:

Harry Percival

Harry's background in Philosophy, computer programming and carrying stuff makes him an ideal tech roadie for Pop-up Opera. He says he got the inspiration for Pop-up's uniquely irreverant captions from a late-night British TV show called Eurotrash.


"The captions offer incessantly witty, punchy and hilarious commentary"
Bargain Theatre, Cosi fan Tutte

"Harry Percival’s opera captions… soon become a veritable hotbed of contemporary references and sly witticisms: they add cleverly to the overall comic energy of the piece"

Bachtrack, Le Docteur Miracle

"The cast utilised the whole of the space to implement their silent-movie comedia style, which was very effective and greatly enhanced by Harry Percival’s slick and witty captions"

Notes from Xanadu, Don Pasquale

"A special mention has to go to Harry who welcomed each audience member into the venue and whose infectious enthusiasm really set the tone for the evening"

Everything Theatre, Rita & La Serva Padrona

"Even though the music is sung in French, Pop-up have made the operetta as widely appealing as possible by explaining the action and providing very loose translations on ridiculous slides projected onto the wall. These bring humour and topicality to the production, much like in a pantomime; very few operas mention sexting or feature Gregg Wallace from Masterchef"

The Upcoming, Le Docteur Miracle

"Harry Percival’s surtitles, packed with up-to-the-minute cultural references, do a superb job of undercutting even the already comic moments"

The Public Reviews, Le Docteur Miracle

"There is also a backwall projector showing surtitles, which irreverently give the gist of what is going on, often using modern-day cultural references. For example, a scene in which the daughter is accused of receiving messages from her lovers is summarised as “I hope you aren’t sexting, young lady”. These surtitles, provided by technical assistant (and wonderful compère) Harry Percival really give the production its identity, and as well as being useful to understand what is going on, provide many good laughs themselves"

Everything Theatre, Le Docteur Miracle

"this show is fun not least because of the witty surtitles (actually back-titles because they're projected onto a wall behind the action). Often they include drawings, photographs, cartoons or funny fonts and they say things such as ‘Young lady, I hope you're not sexting' and ‘In the words of M. D'Allan de Sucre – you're fired.'"

What's on Stage, Le Docteur Miracle

Captions writer & tech support