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Nanna Juel
Cast & Crew:

Nanna Juel Jensen

Born and brought up in the countryside of Denmark, Nanna holds a Master’s degree in Theatre and Performance Studies from Copenhagen University. She graduated in 2017 on a process-led project about the prospects of criticism in the Danish theatre landscape. During her studies Nanna has been working as an assistant director, dramaturge and stage manager on several theatre productions in Denmark and in London. In 2014 and 2015 she was connected to the production of I Føling - a ballet about the Danish participation in the Afghanistan war centred on three war veterans and their witness accounts. As an assistant director Nanna was responsible for documenting the war veterans stories and incorporating them into the performance. The ballet was awarded with the highest Danish theatre award in 2015.

Nanna’s expertise concerns site-specific, performative and political approaches in theatre so she is delighted to be part of Pop-up Opera!

Captions Operator & Tour Assistant