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Donizetti's Don Pasquale

Ernesto is in love with the beautiful but penniless Norina. Ernesto's uncle, Don Pasquale, a wealthy landowner, opposes the match and chooses a more suitable girl for Ernesto to marry. Ernesto refuses; the Don decides he will cut Ernesto out of his will, and plans to marry to produce sons. Ernesto enlists the help of his uncle's doctor, Malatesta (Doctor Headache), to dupe the Don into allowing Ernesto to marry Norina. Malatesta presents to the Don his demure 'sister' Sofronia, apparently a shy novice from the convent. She is really Norina in disguise. Pasquale is enchanted; they are marry in a fake ceremony. The ceremony over, 'Sofronia' becomes a complete shrew. She turns the Don's life upside down, spends his money, demands to be waited on hand and foot. Completely miserable, Don Pasquale is so relieved when the plot is revealed, that he consents to the marriage of Norina and Ernesto.


26.04.13 - 12.05.13

Running Time:
2 hours 15 mins (includes 20-min interval)

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