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Pop-Up Opera is an unfunded organisation. Our revenue comes from ticket sales, and we could not function without our loyal and supportive audiences. Many of our followers have become like part of the company, and we want to cherish this. We want to bring opera to more disadvantaged areas, communities and schools, which we are not currently in a financial position to do.

If you come away from our performances feeling joyful, moved or engaged, if you believe we are doing something exciting and worthwhile and you want to help us continue to reach more people, to grow and flourish, there are some ways to get involved. You will be supporting what we do and we will give you the opportunity to be part of it.

Friend levels

Pop Corns £30 per year (£50 joint)

Pop corns are little but together they make a substantial portion!

Our thanks to you:

  • Acknowledgements on our website
  • Exclusive Friends newsletter
  • I <3 Pop-Up Opera badge

Pop Tarts £150 per year (£250 joint)

Pop tarts are generously jammy and bring joy with their delicious world of flavour and fun!

Our thanks to you:
All of the above, plus:

  • Acknowledgements in our programmes
  • A complimentary programme for each production, on request
  • Invitation to exclusive Patron’s events
  • I <3 Pop-Up Opera tote bag

Pop Stars £500+ per year

Pop Stars are where it’s all at, everyone wants to be one, or have a little sprinkle of their stardust!

Our thanks to you:
All of the above, plus:

  • Invitations to rehearsals
  • A complimentary programme, signed by the cast and creative team for each production
  • Share your VIP pass to exclusive Patrons events with up to three friends

Pop Queens & Kings £1000+ per year

Pop Queens and Kings just rule!

Our thanks to you:
All of the above, plus:

  • A signed print of an image from a production
  • Front row seats reserved on request
  • Invitations to meet the Artistic Director and members of the creative team

Why support us?

  • Every year we produce 2-3 high quality, professional productions with around 90 performances, and toured to 60-70 different venues around the country.
  • Our performances form around 11% of the total number of opera performances in the UK per year.
  • We build relationships with many individuals, groups, rural touring schemes, venues, and communities around the UK.
  • We reach areas of the country where you would not normally find opera.
  • We make opera affordable without compromising on quality.
  • We provide a platform for emerging professional talented performers, directors, designers and technical crew to gain exposure and develop their careers.
  • We offer the unique opportunity for both up and coming and more established professional singers to develop a role in the original language over a long run of performances, employing around 40 artists each year.
  • We bring our productions to schools and run workshops for children and young people. Audiences for our performances range from age 5 - 95 with everything in between.
  • We perform all our productions in the original language and caption these in a very unique way.
  • We offer an intimate and engaging experience that absolutely anyone can enjoy.
  • We change people’s perception of opera.
  • We’re helping to secure the future of opera for the next generation.

Other ways to get involved:

If you would prefer not to make a regular donation but would like to get involved in other ways you could:

  • Provide host accommodation for members of our cast and crew for a performance near you.
  • Provide refreshments for our cast and crew for a performance near you.
  • Help out as a volunteer, flyering, setting up chairs, manning the door.
  • Fund something specific eg costumes, props, hire of a grand piano for a performance, a language coach for the cast, a movement director for a production.

Get in touch!

To become a Friend or for more information about any of this please email

[email protected]

Our Friends and Patrons

We are extremely grateful to our supporters who have joined the scheme

Pop Stars

Rod Whyte

Charles Cormick

Edward Longhurst

Harriet Tupper

Peter Harrison

Pop Tarts

Matthew Parris

Robin Chessex

David & Abigail Lacey

Conrad Ho

William Hartston

Pop Corns

Virginia Bruno

Kate McStraw

Christian Haw

Gerry & Ruth Lowth

Sarah Priday

Jan Lowy

Andrew Buckley

Judy & Ian Davidson

Laura Hone

Simon Fowle